How to sell a property in Mussomeli

If you have a house you want to sell for € 1, you’re in the right place. Join now to participate in the project, proposing your home. To do so, just download the model you find on this page, then show up at the Technical Office of the City of Mussomeli. You can also contact the city councilor Toti Nigrelli at the number (+39) 331 6963926 and book an appointment. In order to sell your home, you will also have to respect what is specified in the attached document. To sell your house, you will also have to respect the following conditions.

ART.1 - Availability of the property

The “Promising Vendor” declares that it has full availability, also in relation to its status civil law and the property regime of his family, the portions of real estate in question which will be delivered free by people and things to make time from the date of any delivery.

ART. 2 - Restrictions on the building

The “Vendor promissory party” declares and guarantees that the portions of the properties in question are and will, until the date of the final sale contract (deed), free from mortgage registrations, prejudicial transcripts, litigation in progress, tax privileges or other charges and obligations of any kind. In particular, the seller promising party guarantees that what is promised for sale is not subject to bans of alienation or restrictions on circulation deriving from the regulations of the affiliated, subsidized or subsidized building and that there are no historical and artistic restrictions in relation to the promised units for sale , landscape and hydrogeological, different from those eventually reported in the document of origin or in the eventual condominium regulation. Finally, the seller promissory party declares that there are no pre-emptive rights of any kind.

ART. 3 - Condominial constraints

The “Vendor Promising Party” guarantees that, at the time of signing the definitive sale deed, there will be no arrears for expenses of any kind, ordinary or extraordinary.

ART. 4 - Contractual obligations

The “Promising Party Seller”, from the moment of stipulation of the following agreement, undertakes to deliver the keys of the property to a person in charge of the Municipality of Mussomeli. The “Promising Party Vendor” undertakes not to transfer the property to third parties without first having appropriately informed the Municipality of Mussomeli. The “Promising Party Seller, undertakes not to increase the price stated in this sheet upwards. The “Vendor Promising Party” assumes responsibility for what is stated in this agreement and claims to have been fully delegated by the co-owners of the property, if any. In the event of failure to comply with the following agreement, the Municipality of Mussomeli may avail itself of the sum of € 5,000 as compensation for the damage of image caused to the Entity.

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