How it works?

Is it really possible to buy a house for € 1? Yes, and it is a project wanted by the Municipality of Mussomeli, in Sicily. The only obligation you have is that you will have to renovate the house within three years of purchase.

Buy your dream for € 1 in the fabulous town of the Sicilian hinterland, just a few kilometers from the enchanting beaches and the historic temples of Agrigento.

In Mussomeli you will live the ancient Sicily, the real Sicily. Mussomeli is the city of the Manfredi’s Castle and traditions. In Sicily you will not only buy a house, but you will have the chance to experience our culture, our traditions, the slow and relaxed life of one of the most peaceful and safe lands in the world.

About our project

What should I do to buy a house?

To buy a house, after choosing it on our website, you will need to contact the Municipality of Mussomeli to check availability. Afterwards, it will be necessary to go to Mussomeli to carry out an inspection, thanks to which you will take note of the situation of the building, and therefore of the expenses that will have to be incurred during the renovation. After that, it will be possible to fill in the model for the purchase request.

Is it true or is it a joke? project is not a joke. The project is managed by the Municipality of Mussomeli, which is proposed as a mediator and guarantor of purchase and sale transactions. On the proposal of the city councilor Toti Nigrelli, on 04/04/09 the city council voted for the “Regulation for the facilitated assignment of properties falling within the municipal territory“. Today, the regulation is fully operational and has been initiated as an important buying and selling process with people from all over the world.

Why are houses sold for € 1?

The houses are sold for € 1, by the owners, for several reasons:

  • In Italy, the property tax on the first house is not paid (only for Italian citizens). If you have more than one house, you have to pay for it. Many citizens, therefore, having more than one property, have to pay a maxi-tax to the Italian Government, so they prefer to sell the houses at € 1, rather than pay an extra tax.
  • Many citizens, during the buildings boom of the 70s, moved to the newly built area of Mussomeli.
  • The house was owned by deceased parents or grandparents, so it remained empty.
  • Many citizens have moved to large cities for work, so they want to sell their home in Mussomeli.

What obligations exist for those who buy a house?

Actors are obliged to:

  • To stipulate a public deed of purchase of the property within the period of two months from the execution of the determination to approve the classification list;
  • Support all expenses for the drafting of the deed of sale (notary, registration, transfer, registration, etc.);
  • Prepare a project for the renovation and recovery of the property, acquiring all the necessary opinions, within one year from the date of purchase;
  • Start work within two months from the date of issue of the building permit;
  • Stipulation of a surety in favor of the Municipality of Mussomeli, amounting to € 5000.00, valid for three years, to guarantee the concrete realization of the works. In the event of non-fulfillment by the assignee, the Municipality will have the right to forfeit the policy or purchase the property of the property.

How long do I have to renovate the house?

As per Municipal Regulation, all houses must be renovated within three years, starting from the day of signing the deed.

About Mussomeli

Where is Mussomeli?

Mussomeli is a town of 11.000 citizen, located in the heart of Sicily. Mussomeli is located in an inner hilly area, east of the Platani River, in Central Sicily, at 765 meters above sea level. It is 53 km from Agrigento, 58 km from Caltanissetta, 99 km from Enna, 199 km from Ragusa, 150km from Catania airport.

How is Mussomeli's weather?

The weather is rather continental, rigid and dry in winter, warm and windy in the summer. The wind is a climatic element of the city. There are few snow-covered episodes in winter. The rains are concentrated in the months of January, February, March, April, October and December, almost completely absent in the summer. The temperature varies a lot: the winter maximum is 7-11 °C, while summer temperatures are 26-32 °C (with tips of 35 °C and above); The minimum temperatures range from 3-6 °C winter to 15-20 °C summer.

How far is the sea and the airport?

The sea of Agrigento is just 40 minutes away. Mussomeli is 172.6km from Catania airport and 96.8km from Palermo airport.

Is Mussomeli safe?

Mussomeli is one of the safest cities in Italy. There have been no robbery from years, thanks to a sophisticated video surveillance system and the presence of numerous police forces who control the town.

What services does Mussomeli offer?

In Mussomeli there are a lot of supermarkets, an efficient hospital (healthcare, in Italy, is public and free for all), banks, pubs and night clubs, restaurants, b&b, churches, a medieval castle known throughout Europe (Castello Manfredonico), the most important archaeological excavations in Sicily (Polizzello and Raffe) and many other services.

Expenses to be made

Are there any expenses to pay?

In addition to selling the house at a symbolic cost of € 1, you could pay the following expenses to get your property:

  • Notary fees;
  • Secretarial fees;
  • Expenses for the guarantee policy;
  • Charges for the issue of cadastral plans and A.P.E;
  • Annual local taxes (T.A.R.I., I.M.U.)
  • Restructuring costs, to be carried out within 3 years;

Not considering the restructuring costs, which vary according to the type of property, the total costs amount between € 2,500 and € 4,000.

How much are the expenses of the notary?

When buying a house, it is good to remember how important the notary deed is. Relying on a notary, in fact, is a legal obligation, and it is his signature that makes the transfer of ownership of a building official.

Below, we will analyze all the taxes, fixed, which you will have to add to the total amount to be paid to the notary.

Briefly, the taxes due for the purchase and sale of a house are as follows:

  • registration tax: equal to 9% (or 2% in the case of a first home for italian citizen) of the cadastral value of the building;
  • cadastral tax: equal to 50 euros;
  • mortgage tax: 50 euros;
  • VAT: variable from 9% to 22% (as we will see later);
  • The cadastral value is obtained by multiplying the cadastral income by the fixed ratio 115.5 (which becomes 126 in the case of a second home).

Numbers and percentages often confuse, it’s true. To dispel any doubt, let’s take a small example.

Assume that you are buying a property of 100,000 euros, with a cadastral income of 500 euros, and that this property corresponds to your first home.

You will first need to calculate the cadastral value. The calculation that you will have to make, therefore, is as follows: € 500 (cadastral income) x 115.5 (statutory coefficient) = € 57750 (cadastral value).

We have said that the cadastral tax and the mortgage tax are both fixed at 50 euros and that the registration tax (in case of first house) corresponds to 2% of the cadastral value.

The costs, therefore, in our example will be the following:

  • registration tax = € 57750 x 0.02 = € 1.155
  • land registry tax = € 50
  • mortgage tax = € 50
  • total = € 1,255 (minimum to pay is 1.100€)

This scenario applies in the case of buying and selling between individuals. Alternatively if you think about buying the property from a company, for example from the manufacturer, the tax burdens are different, as the sale is subject to VAT.

After this you will have to add to the total amount to be paid to the notary. This depends on the notary and the complexity of the act. Approximately, the minimum cost of an act, for a 1 euro house, is 900 € and can reach up to 1400 €.

To recap you will pay 2.000€ (min) in total:

  • 1.100€ (min) in taxes;
  • 900€ (min) in notary fee.

How much are secretarial fees?

The project is managed by the Municipality of Mussomeli, but has been contracted with some real estate agencies that will check the compliance of the documents and will accompany you in visiting the houses during your entire stay. This service is totally free for you until you decide to buy a house. If you want to buy your house, you will have to pay the following secretarial expenses:

– € 400 for handling cases on 1 euro houses;
– € 500 for handling cases on houses with a value greater than 1 euro.

Authorized agencies:
Agenzia Immobiliare Siciliana

How much are guarantee policy?

You can contact your insurer directly for a quote. In Italy, a € 5,000 surety insurance policy costs between € 100 and € 200.

How much are cadastral plans and A.P.E.

In Italy, to sell a house it is necessary to present the notary 2 documents:
– APE (Energy performance certificate);
– Cadastral maps;

Many houses built before the 70s do not have these documents because, in that period, they were not mandatory. If the owner has not recently completed these documents, you will be responsible for this additional expense.

The costs for these documents are:
– € 200 for A.P.E.;
– € 500 for cadastral maps for houses under 300sqm;
– € 700 for cadastral maps for houses over 300sqm.

Example: for a 200sqm house, you will pay € 700 (+22% VAT) in total.

How much are the annual taxes?

Every year, the only fees you pay to Mussomeli, for your home, will be:
– I.M.U. (Property tax)
– T.A.R.I. (Tax on waste)

These are not expensive. These depend on the type of home and various factors, such as the seasonal presence of the owner. Approximately, for a 100sqm house, you could pay € 300 a year.


How much does it cost to renovate the house?

For the municipality, you will be obliged only to renew the prospectuses. The cost of renewal of the prospect ranges from € 100/sqm (refer only to the width of the front). If you need to completely renovate the property, the cost starts at € 700/sqm.

Am I obliged to choose Mussomeli's construction companies?


Can I renovate my home alone or with my workers?


Are there shops for the purchase of building materials?


Will I be able to make changes to the house?

Yes, with a license

Are there engineers and architects in Mussomeli?


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