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On the proposal of the city councilor Toti Nigrelli, on 2015/04/09 the city council voted for the “Regulation for the facilitated assignment of properties falling within the municipal territory”. Today, the regulation is fully operational and has initiated an important buying and selling process with people from all over the world.

ART.1 - Object of the regulation

This regulation regulates the facilitated sale of properties, falling within the municipal territory, for which the owners have expressed their will, through a formal request, to transfer their property to third parties free of charge (or at a symbolic price).

ART.2 - Purpose of the regulation

The purpose of the regulation is to enhance the real estate located in the historic center of the Municipality of Mussomeli, simplifying and streamlining the process of mediation between the parties involved in the sale of the property, thus encouraging the recovery of property. The provisions of the following regulation also aim at enhancing the tourist-receptive sector, aimed at developing new residential settlements.

ART.3 - Scope of application

  1. This regulation is applied to all properties, falling within the municipal territory, for which the owners have expressed their intention to sell the property to third parties.
  2. They can not be the subject of facilitated transfer as per this regulation:
    a) Buildings for which legal and / or fiscal restrictions are active;
    b) The properties referring to more legitimate owners, if the latter have not signed a formal request.
  3. All the subjects, both natural and legal persons, can make use of the provisions of this regulation. In the case:
    a) Individual companies, agencies and / or companies that have in their business object the management of real estate;
    b) Private Italian citizens, community citizens and non-EU citizens.

ART.4 - Requirements of the implementing entities

The subjects referred to in Article 3 paragraph 3 of this regulation may participate in the notice for the free assignment of properties if they meet the following requirements:

a) Companies, companies and their consortia:

  • Being registered with the C.C.I.A.A. for purposes related to the subject of this notice;
  • Be in compliance with the current provisions on welfare and social security contributions (INPS, INAIL, etc.);
  • Do not be subject to bankruptcy procedures as per R.D. March 16, 1942. n. 267 and subsequent modifications or additions;

b) Private subjects:

  • Being Italian citizens, community or non-EU citizens.

ART. 5 - Obligations of the implementing entities

Actors are obliged to:
a) To stipulate a public deed of purchase of the property within the period of two months from the execution of the determination to approve the classification list;

b) Support all expenses for the drafting of the deed of sale (notary, registration, transfer, registration, etc.);
c) Prepare a project for the renovation and recovery of the property, acquiring all the necessary opinions, within one year from the date of purchase;
d) Start work within two months from the date of issue of the building permit;
e) Stipulation of a surety in favor of the Municipality of Mussomeli, amounting to € 5000.00, valid for three years, to guarantee the concrete realization of the works. In the event of non-fulfillment by the assignee, the Municipality will have the right to forfeit the policy or purchase the property of the property.

ART.6 - Elaborates and documents to be presented

  1. The purchase of the property will take place as a result of free transfer, or at a symbolic price, by the owner. The buyer will assume all the necessary expenses for the transfer of the property;
  2. The application form must be accompanied by all the documentation deemed useful and in particular:
    a) Explanatory report of the recovery proposal that the proposer intends to implement. In particular, the following must be indicated:
    the. The types of intervention in relation to the priorities defined by the Municipal Administration;
    ii. The characteristics of the subjects participating in the intervention proposal and related skills.
    b) Documentation proving the possession of the requisites required for the proponents;
    c) Declaration by the contracting operator to sign the public deed of sale of the property, assuming all expenses for the transfer of ownership;
    d) Declaration by the operator of the commitment to stipulate in favor of the Municipality of Mussomeli a surety of € .5.000,00 to guarantee the restructuring and recovery commitments undertaken. The Municipality reserves the right to request clarifications and / or additions to the documentation presented if this is necessary for the correct evaluation of the proposals.

ART.7 - Procedure for submitting proposals

The proposals, complete with the required attachments, must reach the Municipality of Mussomeli Piazza della Repubblica – 93014 Mussomeli.

ART.8 - Incentive contributions

For the management of all the services and obligations provided for by this regulation, provision is not made for a staff incentive fund, deriving from the sums actually collected.

ART.9 - Entry into force, publication and publicity of this regulation

  1. This regulation comes into force in accordance with the law;
  2. The offices shall take all necessary steps to ensure maximum dissemination of the provisions of this Regulation.

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